Prataparudrudu Gets A Star Producer


Dill-rajuRudhramadevi is going steady on weekdays and Gunasekhar is a pretty relieved man. In a success meet this evening, Gunasekhar was asked if he would attempt his ambitious sequel to Rudhramadevi, Pratapa Rudrudu. To this, the director said that he will surely make it if he gets a producer.

Upon hearing this, top producer and Rudhramadevi’s Nizam distributor Dil Raju immediately said that he is ready to produce Pratapa Rudrudu and asked Gunasekhar to simply concentrate on finishing the script. This speaks volumes about Dil Raju’s trust on Gunasekhar coupled with the joy of Rudhramadevi’s success.

Recently, Guansekhar revealed that Pratapa Rudrudu was the last king of the Kakatiya kingdom and that even Rudhramadevi’s story would find its ending in Prataparudrudu film. Speculations are rife that either Chiru, NTR or even Ram Charan may play Pratapa Rudrudu.