Prema Katha Chitram Copied From Spanish Film


Prema-Katha-ChitramRam Gopal Varma may not be a successful filmmaker at the box office today but there is no doubt that many in the film fraternity consider him as the Guru and pioneer for many things. Here is another one.

RGV has got a company named Factory in Mumbai where different types of films get generated.And now, just like RGV’s film factory another factor has been set up in Tollywood. This is the Maruthi film factory headed by director Maruthi.

Inside sources reveal that within the office Spanish films are watched constantly and if something is liked then immediately script is being readied and made into a film.Usually the small budget flicks Maruthi’s assistants are working and the big budget flicks Maruthi is doing.

And here is the final twist. It is heard that the recent hit flick ‘Prema Katha Chitram’ was also a byproduct of a Spanish film which was converted into a Desi flick.Well that’s the story of Maruthi factory folks!