Prince kisses Diksha Panth in Bigg Boss


Prince-kisses-Diksha-Panth‘Paisa Vasool-Luxury Budget’ Task of Telugu Bigg Boss has entertained the viewers to the fullest. Consumers had won the task by spending as less as possible even though House Owners charged huge sum for every service they offered.

Post the task, A petty issue happened between Prince & Diksha Panth after the Young Hero told the Actress that her performance during the task is weakest among all the Housemates. Later, Prince apologized to Diksha Panth for hurting her but she asked him to say ‘sorry’ properly. When the advise of Mahesh Kathi was sought, The Critic advised Prince to say sorry by offering a kiss. Immediately, Prince kissed Diksha on her cheeks. Initially, Diksha was surprised and questioned how could he do it just because somebody had advised. Finally, She took it in her stride and smiled. Even other housemates had a hearty laugh witnessing the whole episode.

Bigg Boss Contestants planned to buy TV, Smartphone, Music System and Video Game with the prize money they had won. To their shock, Show Management hiked the prices of each of these goods only to ensure they don’t get access to them. That’s how the Wednesday episode ended!