Prince reveals what went wrong in Bigg Boss


Prince-reveals-what-went-wrHero Prince was one of the strong contenders to win Bigg Boss Season 1. Much to everyone’s shock, He got eliminated from the show last week  as he received least votes among the five housemates.

Prince blames Adarsh Balakrishna for his elimination. ‘Had if all the housemates stuck to one thing, I wouldn’t have been eliminated. I had nominated Deeksha Panth who is the weak contestant in the house. She, however, didn’t face elimination as she was the captain for that week. It was Adarsh who was instrumental in making her captain. Soon after voting for Deeksha, I told to Adarsh that strong contestants will have to face the consequences for saving a weaker one. Adarsh hasn’t cheated Me but just made a wrong move. I would have explained about it on the stage itself, but NTR didn’t give Me that opportunity,’ he told.

Deeksha Panth is facing the threat of Elimination this week. If she survives, Then the version of Prince will be proven wrong. People are curious to know what’s gonna happen!