Priya Varrier Following Reached New Heights!


Just 30 seconds.. Priya Prakash Varrier has achieved crores of followers with just a 30-second video. Her eye-winking video has gone viral in India irrespective of South, North. Her video achieved popularity outside India as well.

The impact of Priya is so much that recently a college management issued a circular that the students will be suspended for a year if they found practicing eye-winking like Priya. The management had no other option because all the girls were spotted practicing the eye-winking in the college premises. Apart from such instances, there are people who are utilising Priya’s popularity for the good causes.

It is interesting to know that Vadodara Police In Gujarat are using Priya photograph for traffic awareness campaign. They have readied awareness ads that ‘Everybody should be alert while driving because accidents happen in the blink of an eye’. They have included Priya’s eye-winking photograph in the advertisement.

They have prepared many such innovative ads for the traffic awareness. A creative ad agency is behind these innovative ads. It is a really interesting approach to increase awareness. Who will listen to traffic police if they preach rules? If there is Priya Varrier photo along with the awareness ad, it will attract the people. Vadodara police are receiving good appreciation for their smart thinking.