Priyamani clarifies on secret marriage and Pregnancy!


Priyamani-clarifies-on-secrI am not pregnant! This is what actress Priyamani has been trying to tell us. The actress urged her fans and movie lovers to not get sucked into the rumors about her secret marriage and pregnancy!

The Lungi dance item girl admittedly said that for some time now she has not got offers and some of the offers she got were rejected by her since she didn’t like those scripts and on the whole she seems to have been distanced from camera arc lights

But the actress remarked that this was taken as an opportunity by rumormongers who started spreading wrong news about the actress – that she has gotten wed secretly and that she is currently carrying which is keeping her off acting!

The national award winning actress in fact has become too bold with overwhelming skin shows in the recent movies she has acted yet has not been able to grab the attention of eyeballs that could resurrect her career. The movie lovers seem to have already written her off that her limelight in career now seems impossible actually!