Priyanka Chopra Turns ‘Queen of Controversies’


The name of Priyanka Chopra and the word ‘controversy’ look inseparable these days. There is also an accusation that she is purposely courting controversies to stay in international limelight at a time when her Hollywood debut film ‘Baywatch’ is in theatres.

Priyanka was recently slammed on social media for wearing a short dress and exposing her legs during her meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in German capital city Berlin. That controversy was completely unjustified but Priyanka has once again invited the wrath of netizens with another stunt in Germany.

Priyanka, who is currently in Berlin for the promotions of Baywatch, has clicked selfies at the Holocaust Memorial that was created in memory of 6 million Jews killed and buried during Hitler’s rule. She went on to post those selfies taken with her brother at the Memorial on social media.

Understandably, twitter went berserk over her selfies and users called her “insensitive”. Some even called her act an ‘attention-seeking stunt’. Following the uproar, she later removed the selfies from her pages.Priyanka Chopra Turns 'Queen of Controversies'Priyanka Chopra Turns 'Queen of Controversies'-1