Priyanka Chopra’s In My City VIdeo Song


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We’d all already heard the audio long back, which was possibly the reason I was hoping at the least the video of Priyanka Chopra’s much-talked about single In My City would be slightly better. But I’m afraid the latter more than disappoints! Here’s why:

On hearing the song for the first time two months ago, I’d felt the song sounded very Rihanna-ish, with the highly digitised voice and the typical RedOne club beats. And now, the video makes Priyanka look like a wannabe version of the Barbadian singer!

The clip begins with a pair of really ugly looking boots stepping out of the beemer, followed by bright fuschia fingers carressing the car, it’s obvious who they belong to. Priyanka looks pretty no doubt, but that was never the case for conjecture anyway.

She taps on her Nokia phone (VERY subtle advertising!) and shares the video of her song with friends across the world I think, I didn’t see much point in that but anyway… that’s a different story.My bigger question is why is she singing ‘HI know you gaat yer own taaaaaime’ instead of “I know you got yer own taaaaaime? It reminded me of a snide remark Kareena Kapoor once made about PC’s accent on Koffee  With Karan.

But I have a even bigger question. While launching the video, Priyanka claimed that she wanted the identity of the song to be Indian. “I am very India-proud,” she added.So, where is the so-called Indianness? In the beemer very evidently parked in the streets of New York, the obvious studio-set Chinese lanterns, or in fake and uncomfortably out-of-place looking auto-rickshaw?

These things wouldn’t rankle so much if the song wasn’t called In My City. Perhaps, she’s appealing to a pan-country audience but in those, I feel she’s lost India completely. The video looks like it is only catering to the age-old idea of Bollywood that the West harbours, a few namastes here and there, some Bollywood latka-jhatkas every now and then but that’s it. That in an era where every film is trying to break out of the conventional Bollywood norms of song and dance. Couldn’t help but notice that she isn’t wearing an Indian outfit even once.

Then comes Will.I.Am. Don’t even get me started on that bit. They’re both wearing strange black glasses, the difference just being that one is able to carry it off and unfortunately it’s not PC. That part of the footage looks like you’re watching a bad 3-D film.

The part I liked most was when she’s dancing to plain beats like an Amazon princess, it’s catchy, though for some reason one of the background dancers is doing steps while holding her hair (Don’t ask)!About the song, PC said, “I am still trying to understand my style (so are we!). I think it is a fusion and amalgamation, which will be enjoyed in West and India”

Our take: Priyanka looks like she’s trying just too hard. To me, it seemed like she tried to westernise her ‘desi’ video and landed up in no man’s land! So much so for the Desi Girl.

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