Priya’s Wink Reached All The Way To Oscars


Just a single wink by Malayali beauty Priya Prakash Varrier has made the youth fall deeply for her. She became a star overnight. Her followers great to 6 lakhs in just one day. She also created the record on Instagram as well. Now, this sensational girl also became a star internationally. She even reached the Oscars as well.

When it comes to Academy Awards, the buzz will be high behind the stage too. Pak-American actor Kumail Nanjiyani and Lupita Nyong imitated Priya’s viral wink video. When Kumail reprised the eyebrow thing, Lupita nailed the video by her kisses. Academy Awards official Twitter Account has shared this video which also went viral. Now, even the Hollywood audience are also talking about Priya Prakash and her Oru Adaar Love.

It has been so many weeks but Priya Prakash’s craze has been growing by each passing day. Even before the release of her debut movie, Priya is going viral all over the country. It seems like the so many languages will pour offers on her once she is ready to sign her next.