Producer Lashes Out at RGV Over Katamarayudu


RGV-tweetsActor-producer Bandla Ganesh has lashed out at controversial director Ram Gopal Varma over his series of tweets against actor Pawan Kalyan and his latest offering Katamarayudu. While RGV was oblivion to Bandla Ganesh’s sharp replies, Bandla continued it and went onto call RGV as “black sheep” and “ashamed” to call him as Indian.

Ganesh didn’t stop there. He has also dubbed RGV as a “barking dog”. Ganesh also warned RGV to control his tongue before commenting on Pawan Kalyan. The whole Twitter battle was one-sided as RGV didn’t respond to Ganesh. It needs to be seen how RGV would react to Ganesh soon.

Meanwhile, scores of Pawan fans have countered RGV and even asked whether did he compensate the losses suffered to distributors of Ice Creams, Vangaveeti, and many of his other films that bit the dust.

Here is What Bandla Ganesh Said To RGV’s Tweets on Pawan Kalyan & Katamarayudu:

RGV: His lafoot outward fans distracting him from realising his real strength is inward fans who don’t shout and throw paper in theatres

BG: @RGVzoomin No one can disturb Pavan Kalyan fans r fans they express their joy

RGV: His fans 3 to 5 followers including family members won’t  take one rupee out of pocket but have opinions on crores of losses of others

BG: @RGVzoomin u r no less than a terrorist  we -on behalf of all @PawanKalyan ‘s soldiers express our hatred towards u

BG: @RGVzoomin @PawanKalyan we wholeheartedly wish to see u in an asylum as soon as possible. It is our sincere prayer

BG: @RGVzoomin what is the loss when compared to the loss u caused to the nation

RGV: 3 wives dint see KR cos they know 30 times more what KR is telling 300 times nd not telling 3000 times .dint understand cos am watching orn

BG: @RGVzoomin mr RAMU control ur tongue before u comment on @PawanKalyan

BG: @RGVzoomin @PawanKalyan u r not even an equals to Pavan’s footwear.Just mind ur language

BG: @RGVzoomin @PawanKalyan u r not anymore than a barking dog in the street if u c

BG: @RGVzoomin @PawanKalyan we won’t spare u if u enter our area u r like a tablet which got expired

BG: @RGVzoomin @PawanKalyan u r a black sheep in the country we feel ashamed to call u an Indian

RGV: Mega dumb pkf’s ar looking into the dumbness of my meaninglessly meaningful tweets proving their own meaningfully meaningless dumbness

BG: @RGVzoomin @PawanKalyan beware ramgopal,ur really meaningless comments prove ur fanatism .I pity u