Producer Offering Big Deals To Young Heroes?


Nikhil-New-FilmA noted production house in Tollywood, Anil Sunkara-owned AK Entertainments, has reportedly started a new culture of striking multi-film deals with happening heroes.

Young hero Raj Tarun was the first one to have signed a three-film contract with AK. He was reportedly paid a whopping remuneration besides handing a posh villa in Hyderabad as part of this deal.

Now, the production house has reportedly proposed another three-film deal to happening hero Nikhil. The young lad has been scoring hit after hit by choosing different subjects, and he has successfully carved a niche for his films in Tollywood. Considering his stability, AK Entertainments has reportedly offered him a whopping remuneration to sign a three-film contract.

Nikhil hasn’t yet signed the deal since he may be wary of the consequences of being tied to one production house for so long. In some of such deals, actors are forced to accept whatever the story comes their way to complete the multi-film deal quickly, and it sometimes proves damaging for actors’ careers.

In the recent past, rumors surfaced that Anil Sunkara co-owned 14 Reels proposed similar multi-film deals to Pawan Kalyan and NTR. The deals haven’t materialized though.