Producers Council gives Vadivelu ultimatum on Imsai Arasan 24am Pulikecei


Tamil comedian and popular actor, Vadivelu has been given an ultimatum to pay Rs. 9 crores as compensation and attend the shoot of his next project, Himsinche Raju 24th Pulakesi.

Previously, his movie, Himsinche Raju 23rd Pulakesi became a huge hit in the direction of Chimbudevan and this one is the sequel of the film.

Director Shankar is producing the sequel too and the shoot had to be postponed and cancelled several times due to Vadivelu’s demands and also his interference in the script.

Shankar after trying to deal with Vadivelu, gave a complaint to Producers Council. They took up the case and Vadivelu attended the meeting few days ago.

He asked them to help him get Rs. 1 crore remuneration from producer and also, deliver the verdict in his favour. But the Council did not accept his arguments.

They listened to Shankar and as he pleaded they have asked Vadivelu to pay Rs. 9 crores as compensation and also issued an ultimatum that he should apologise to Council and help the producers to complete the movie, in time.

Kollywood sources say that Vadivelu is trying to take Vishal, the president of TFPC and also principal secretary of Nadigar Sangam, on his side to solve the matter in his favour. Let’s wait and see, how it all pans out.