Producer’s indirect Satires on Pawan Kalan


pawan kalyanEven before Chiranjeevi reached Ramanaidu Studios, Pawan Kalyan was there at Varun Tej’s debut flick launch. While entering the pooja spot, Chiru greeted Pawan, and later he called his small brother to bless Varun by giving him ‘Askhintalu’. It is fine till here, and Pawan left the spot abruptly as we all know.

This incident became a huge discussion everywhere by conspicuously indicating that splits are quite deep inside family. Keeping our assumptions and analyses aside, let us see what many are thinking. After watching yesterday’s things, people are sympathizing with Chiru and criticizing Pawan for his behaviour. Whatever might happen inside the family, Pawan is facing brickbats for his behaviour the other day.

‘Pawan might have got bitter with Chiru, but why is that he will show that at Nagababu’s son’s debut movie launch? Is this occasion more important than Pawan’s dissent?’, an insider asked. ‘Though Pawan feels Chiru has done wrong with PRP, this is not the occasion to show that anger’, Tollywood bigwigs are heard saying.

Prajarajyam party and the ensuing merger into Congress might have damaged Megastar’s reputation a little. Even then, fact remains the same that without the presence of Chiranjeevi, there is no question of Nagababu, Pawan or Charan in film industry. It’s better if mega heroes keep this thing in mind before they take decisions, even though they got a gigantic fan following now, a noted producer at the venue opined, throwing a direct satire on Powerstar.

Also Chiru is a bridge between old generation and new generation with many records, victories and credits to his career. For the same reason, the whole of film industry respects Megastar irrespective of his political stand and the party he is with. Is Pawan failing to understand this realistic logic? Has he forgotten the past?