Production Team Fires On New Heroine


She is new to the industry. That too she got hurt during the shooting. Then how should one treat her? Just because she shared a picture on social media, the production team is just lashing out on her. Why did the production team got angry when the actress shared her photo? Yes, there is a reason for it.

Malvika Sharma is all set to debut into Tollywood with Ravi Teja’s upcoming movie Nela Ticket. The shooting of the movie is taking place in Hyderabad. While doing a bike riding scene she got hurt by falling from the bike. The social media took an uproar and wrote so many stories on her accident. But production team rubbished all those rumors claiming no one got hurt and both hero and heroine are fine. But Malvika shared a pic of her sitting in a wheel chair and a bandage on her leg. The picture is hinting that she got hurt very badly which proves that the production team has lied.

So, the production team fumed on Malvika and made her remove the picture to cover their lies. When it comes to the shootings, one can’t prevent some accidents despite taking so many prevention tips. But why is the production team is trying to cover the truth?