Promo Talk: Pragya’s Ultimate Glam Show!


Pragya-Ultimate-Glam-ShowIn films like ‘Kanche’, Pragya Jaiswal have few restrictions as she has to look in a traditional manner. But, There can’t be any limitations for glamour show when it comes to commercial entertainers. We have seen her slip into a two-piece bikini effortlessly for ‘Nakshatram’ but the BO result was disappointing.

And now, Pragya Jaiswal pinned all her hopes on ‘Jaya Janaki Nayaka’. Dance Movements of this beauty in ‘Chill Boss’ promo song are mesmerizing to say the least. She has gone ultra-glamourous for this dance number meant to woo the Protagonist. Youth & Masses will go berserk watching Pragya’s raunchy moves. Don’t be surprised if this track becomes the party song of the year. The ‘Kanche’ Babe could easily overshadow both Rakul & Catherine with her oomph factor and sex appeal.