Prostitute Nobody Paid Me Sri Reddy


Actor Varahi of Indian Makkal Mandram called Sri Reddy a prostitute after she kept alleging several Film Celebs had shared bed with her. He even lodged a case seeking against her for indulging in the flesh trade. This is in reaction to the shocking Casting Couch allegations against Kollywood Actors and Filmmakers in the past few weeks.

Sri Reddy clarified she can’t be treated as a prostitute as money wasn’t paid to her for satisfying the sexual pleasures of Industry Folks. She complained those who abused her Sexually hadn’t even offered food for sharing bed with them.

The Controversial Lady questioned why didn’t Varahi file case against those Men who shared bed with her as sex involves both man and woman. She opined attempts made to project #MeToo Victims as prostitutes made India the most unsafe country in the world for women. ‘It’s these Jokers who make India unsafe for women by protecting powerful men. Shame on him,’ she responded.