Prudhvi Overreacted on Khaidi No 150 Deleted Scenes


prudhvi-overreacted-on-khaiA day after we broke the news that Chiru has directed to delete a few unwanted comedy scenes from Khaidi No 150 in order to stick to the film’s soul like its original, noted comedian Prudhviraj has corroborated the fact that his portions were totally edited out from the film.

Expressing his sadness, Prudhvi took to his social-networking page and wrote,

Megastar 150th movie lo natinchadam Na adhrushtam.

Scenes theesiveyadam Na duradhrushtam.

Sankranthi rojuna Ma mother chanipoyinantha badhaga vundhi

While expressing his misfortune for deleting his portions are fine but comparing it to his mother’s death on Sankranthi day hasn’t  gone down well with many.

Acting in Chiru’s 150th film might be an achievement but definitely not bigger than his mother and losing the chance is certainly not more tragic than losing mother.

Meanwhile, a version of the story is that Prudhvi’s scenes were deleted in order to accommodate more scenes of Brahmanandam.