Psycho Goes On Rampage At Hero Srikanth’s House


Who-damaged-Hero-Srikanth-CarA mentally disturbed person attempted to assault Tollywood hero Srikanth at the latter’s residence in Jubilee Hills on Saturday.

According to the police, the 29-year-old accused, who is identified as Venkatesh, is a native of Kurnool district. A cook by profession, Venkatesh had been residing at a rented room near Vac’s bakery at Road No. 10 in Jubillee Hills for the past 10 years. He had earlier worked in various film personalities’ houses in the city.

Venkatesh had also worked as a cook at hero Srikanth’s residence at Road No. 76 for around three months. However, he was removed from the job as he appeared mentally unstable. Later, he worked at a political leader’s residence in Jubilee Hills.

On Saturday, Venkatesh caused a flutter at Srikanth’s residence around 9am demanding to meet him in person. However, he was not allowed to meet the actor. He picked an argument with the security man and pushed him away. He then damaged the window panes of BMW (AP 10 AS 0789) and Ford (AP 09 CL 9414) with a rod. He also pushed driver Mohan when he tried to stop him.

He later barged into the house. Listening to the loud noise, Srikanth rushed to the hall. Then the miscreant attacked the hero. However, Srikanth escaped from him and called the police. The police rushed to the house and arrested Venkatesh. A case has been registered against him. Luckily, Srikanth’s wife Ooha and his children were not in the house at the time of the attack.

However, the police found Venkatesh a mentally deranged person as he was speaking all irrelevant things. Venkatesh is reported to have told the police that he had an ‘Aparichitudu’ in him and he is acting only on ‘it’s’ influence. In fact he is a die-hard fan Srikanth, he said.