Public Toilet: Matured Comments Of Sunny Leone


Sunny-Leone-on-Public-ToiletsIt is very common that celebreties face abuses from the netizens in the social media.  Even though fans have the option of following their favourite stars in the Twitter.. Facebook.. Instagram, some netizens use the same platform for abusing the celebrities… some anti-fans resort to criticism.  Most of the times their language will cross the decency limits.  Stars.. celebrities try to keep away from this kind of netizens.

Surprisingly there are some celebrities who abuse with beautiful words. It is known that Ram Gopal Varma made abusive remarks on the occasion of Women’s day that all the women in the world should give happiness to men just like Sunny Leone.  Sunny responded on these remarks later saying that words should be used intelligently .

Coming to the present, she has reacted more strongly when she was asked the same question.  She said that “Some people are using the social media for bad things.. so we can put a check by blocking their accounts”.  There is a widespread opinion that social media platforms have become like a public toilets.   Responding on this ‘Public Toilet’ remarks, Sunny said that  “I don’t quite agree with the term ‘public toilet’ but we all use social media for different reasons. For myself, I can very well say that I have really learnt to harness social media in a positive way’.

After the her sharp response on the haters in the social media, netizens are commenting that Sunny appears to be more cultured than the so called ‘creative’.. ‘genius’.. filmmakers. What say folks ?