Punitha Ponnada Goes Bold!


Punitha Ponnada shot to fame with ‘Rangasthalam’ in which she appeared in a saree-clad avatar as Aadi Pinisetty’s love interest. Seems like, This Actress is flooded with the girl-next-door kind of roles after the release of the rustic village drama. She is making conscious attempt to convey that typecasting can’t be permitted, be it with ‘Yem Jaruguthondi Nalo’ Song in ‘Where Is The Venkatalakshmi’ or the recent Photo Shoot.

Photo Shoot Scans of Punitha Ponnada would make the men cope with sleepless nights. With the kind of exposing she has been doing these days, Punitha has only raised the bar when it comes to exposing and sent an indication that Telugu Beauties are on par with North Indians. Here is the caption for the bold appearance, ‘Confidence is the classiest thing a woman can wear’.