Puri Jagannadh And Ali Counter To Annapurna Sunkara, Who Bashed Telugu Films


Ali-Counter-To-AnnapurnaA Telugu NRI lady has become an over-night sensation on social networking sites after bashing Telugu films in a video that went viral. As an explanation to her views, many videos have come in to circulation on the web since couple of days.

Some of them very lame and has even gone to an extent of bashing the lady personally, while an open letter by a Telugu movie buff that answered each point raised by Annapurna Sunkara has fetched the attention of lakhs once again.

The latest to add to the on going saga, was a reply from Ali and Puri Jagannadh, whom she bashed in the video. Well! before you jump in to any conclusions, let us put it clear that the reaction was an edited one, by an enthusiastic fan boy which perfectly suited to the situation.

People who found to be funny has been spreading the video on social media platforms. Nevertheless, Annapurna’s out spoken nature has led to a discussion on need for a change in film industry and director’s mind set, in a large scale.