This Is Why Puri Is Not Giving Me Offers : Hema


HemaCharacter artists also enjoy good popularity in Telugu.  Hema is a popular character artist in Tollywood.  Along with the films, few controversies made her more famous.  As the film offers decreased in the recent past, she is looking at politics now.

When she was asked “Puri Jagannadh is very close to you, and he is like your family member. Then why he is not giving you roles in his films?” She answered that “He is like a brother to me.  There is no specific reason for not giving offers to me.. He likes me to do sister, sister-in-law roles even now.  He can’t see me if I act in mother roles. That’s the reason why he is not giving me any offers.  He has not given me when I was busy in my career.”

When Hema was asked “There is so much criticism on females in the industry. What’s your take on that?”.. She answered that “Why do you focus on only film celebrities? Don’t you find those things in other industries? There was a time when such things used to exist in the industry.  But well-qualified directors and producers are coming to the industry now.  They are well educated.  Even though there are relationships.. they are on the mutually agreed basis…what’s the issue in that?  Everybody knows that entire world revolves around sex and money.”

Speaking on her political entry, she said that “I’m thinking of doing service to the people. So I’m coming into politics. I’m still busy.. I’ll have my offers always.  Media is viewing this in another angle and campaigning that I’ve caste feeling and fire brand. That’ not right.”   Finally, she concluded that she still has the age to do sister, sister-in-law roles.  She clarified that she doesn’t want to do mother roles as of now.