Puri Record Will Remain In History


Puri-JagannadhBollywood filmmakers announce the release date of a film even before the commencement of the shoot.  They go with perfect planning when it comes to the release date of the film.  They will be booking berths for even 2018, 2019 releases now itself.  They fix the release date first and plan other things accordingly.  But the situation is different in Tollywood.

Telugu makers complete the shoot fast but they rarely fix the release date at the time of launch.  They don’t know how the schedules are going to be.. they don’t know the what kind of obstacles they might encounter.. so they hesitate to announce the release date at the time of movie launch.   Even if they announce the release date at the movie launch, they follow the release date very rarely.   Releasing the film on the announced date is a difficult thing, in such a scenario, it is unbelievable if a movie release is preponed.

When the filmmakers prepone a film, it will not be more than two three days.. or maximum a week.  But preponing a film for a month is probably never heard in the history of Tollywood.   This record will go to director Puri Jagannadh. It is known that Puri announced the release date of ‘Paisa Vasool’ as September 29 at the time of the launch.  He said that he will make the first copy ready even before the date but he will not delay the release.

Considering Puri’s track record, many people thought that the movie will be completed at the max one week before the deadline.  But nobody expected that he would make the movie ready for release four weeks before the announced date.  This is surely a never before record and it is going to stay for long in Tollywood.  On the flip side, Nandamuri fans are worried about the quality of the film because the film has been wrapped up in jet speed.