Puri’s wonderful gesture will make our eyes misty!


This is a time when people are ungrateful and forget everything they got and remember the small penny they spent on others. For all of us this story will at least put some emotions back in place. Senior comedian Rama Prabha who almost faded into oblivion for want of offers has been staying in Chittoor district Madanapalle.

Latest she spoke to a popular channel on Youtube and shared about her life. Rama Prabha said that she had lost all the assets that the industry gave her and that she has not got anything of her own now.

The veteran actress shared that for some strange emotional bonding Director Puri Jagannath continues to send some money to the actress every single month without fail. She said that even though she did not do many films with the director he continues to care for her. The actress feels its a connect from her previous birth and said she’s indebted to him.