PVP To Lodge Case On Another Director?


More than producing films that stun the audiences, it looks like producer PVP’s company is getting into the news for other reasons. Here comes another rumour that is right now worrying Film Nagar folks.

Right now director Sankalp Reddy of “Ghazi” fame is getting ready to direct Varun Tej in his next film. While Ghazi was produced by PVP Cinema, this new film is being bankrolled by director Krish and his friend Rajeev Reddy. Now a rumour is doing rounds that Sankalp is actually bounded by a contract to do the second film also with PVP and now the producer wants to take action for breaking this.

Rumours are mushrooming that PVP want to proceed to Court against Sankalp like he did in the case of a Shruti Haasan and Vamsi Padipally. While the case on Shruti was regarding for walking out from Oopiri after confirming the dates, it is accused that Vamsi should actually do his film with Mahesh Babu in PVP’s banner but he shifted it to Dil Raju compound intentionally.

While such contracts signed by the likes of Dil Raju and Allu Arvind are getting honoured by directors well, as every actor/director who debuted in those production houses makes their second and third films in those compounds itself, wonder why these celebs are not honouring similar commitment given to PVP. Let’s see what happesn.