Is PVP raising objections over Pawan title?


PVPPrasad V. Potluri is known for producing high budget films. Even though there were several failures, he proved his taste with concept based films like ‘Kshanam’..’Ghazi’.  Coming to the present, PVP is handling hero Gopichand film.

It is known that Gopichand is doing a film in the direction of B. Gopal. Nayantara is the heroine.. producer of the film is Tandra Ramesh. The film was stalled sometime ago as producer was unable to provide finances to complete the film.  PVP entered this project as he liked the story very much.  But PVP said to be raising strong objections over the title.

Film unit has finalized ‘Aaradugula Bullet’ as the title.. but PVP has objections over the title because it is reminding Pawan Kalyan.  He said to have asked them to change the title.  On the other hand, PVP entry into the project is making the things move faster.  A duet.. and an item song is pending in the film. The movie will be ready for release if they complete these two songs.  Film makers are planning to release the film in May.