Python Kajal!


It is difficult to think about watching a snake close to us even in 10 meters or 25 meters distance. We are frightened for life and that is a common emotion for any

But snakes are not always dangerous.  Even King Cobras, Pythons can be tamed and when we catch them right they just enjoy the touch and rest.

We see many trying it out at the exhibitions and different zoos and sanctuaries. While some are scared for life some enjoy the moment. Some start it out scared but get to experience a moment for life.

Kajal Aggarwal did the same. She is hell scared by the big snake but she powered through and enjoyed the moment. She is in Thailand for a film shoot and an off day she tried this out.

You can see it and experience it for yourself. But be very careful if you have fear of snakes, as the snake she holds is highly scary!!

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