I quit direction: Rajamouli


rajamouli-next-movieRajamouliTollywood’s top director Rajamouli is well set in the industry and is making prestigious projects one after the other with good results. One would wonder ,why Rajamouli wants to quit direction when everything is going at his will and wish? Well, it has a small comic side behind his comments. Lets know why did Rajamouli say so?

Rajamouli is now in news not about his films but his comments on his peer directors Trivikram and Sukumar. Rajamouli said “It is my luck that Sukumar and Trivikram are not making full pledged mass masala films. If at all they churn out such, I’ve to pack bags as they have in-depth knowledge and huge stuff. Their style is impossible to beat.” He means that he will be quitting direction if happened so in a satirical way.

He made these comments on them in a candid Maa TV interview. This is true that the two directors have not done an out and out masala flick in their careers. It seems like Rajamouli is setting all the competition away for him. So, Rajamouli guessed it right! As we all know that Jr. NTR and Sukumar’s movie is almost going on sets in January being produced by BVSN Prasad. The movie is nothing experimental like 1-Nenokadine, this is sure o be sweet love story as speculated. So, we can see waves of Arya on screen now.

So, Rajamouli says that Sukumar is not doing any kind of mass entertainers and so Rajmouli gets a shock. Well, starring NTR means the film should have massy aspects and so this is going to be his biggest mass movie. Let’s see if Sukumar can make an industry record? What do you think?