Raashi Khanna Learnt Everything From Films!


Many actors and actresses start their journey as professionals quite early. In case of actresses, they start by 17 or 18 years of age and hence, miss college life.

Delhi beauty Raashi Khanna did not miss college but definitely got influenced by her characters that she played in the films.

She herself said, “I had to play a matured girl and young adult in my first movie, Oohalu Gusa Gusalade. The movie made me think like a matured person for the first time and it changed my perspective.

Then, Supreme made me realize that I have a comic side to myself. I used to be pretty fat and laugh at myself. That trait made me realize that I can do comedy and confidently tried Bellam Sridevi character.

After that, in Tholiprema, my character had three shades from an young adult to college going person to a matured woman. So, to play the shades I needed to think like them.

Finally, in Srinivasa Kalyanam, I understood that being old fashioned and giving family priority is not a huge problem. I am like that and I found myself wanting to marry after the shoot. But the climax was a altogether a different high,” concluded Raashi Khanna.

Srinivasa Kalyanam is releasing on 9th August and the movie is directed by Vegensna Satish and produced by Dil Raju. Nithiin and Nandita Swetha are also playing lead roles in the movie.