Raashi Did Not Go Under Knife!


Raashi-Did-Not-Go-Under-KniRaashi Khanna has been turning heads with her new appearance and the actress is quite proud of her transformation too.

She gained a lot of appreciation for her cute chubby looks in movies like Oohalu Gusa Gusalede but then her weight did seem a problem in films like Joru, Shivam and others.

She decided to put an end to this weight issue and she is looking ultra fit and slim these days. Many wanted to know what made her go for this change and how?

She in an interview to media persons said, “I wanted to be known as actress but when critics have also started discussing about my weight and appearance in reviews rather than my acting skills, I decided to put an end to it.”

To the question how, she said, “I changed my diet first and then hit the gym. I took rigorous training for hours together and finally reduced all the extra weight I carried.”

Well, she faced the obvious question, did she undergo Liposuction or any surgery to help her cause. She said, “I posted all the photos through my weight loss regime and you can find out how, I reduced over time. I did not go for any surgeries.”

Her latest film, Touch Chesi Choodu with Ravi Teja, where she wore a bikini is getting released on 2nd February.