Radhika Hits Back At Trollers


Radhika Apte is different from all the other Bollywood heroines. In the movies, she mostly picks the traditional, homely and girl-next-door characters. But in real life, she doesn’t have any qualms in glamour show. She voices her opinion on any issue courageously and strongly which is Radhika’s specialty.

Recently, Radhika came back after spending quality time at the beaches. On this note, she shared some bikini pictures of her on social media. The actress who mostly appears in traditional outfits in movies is now turning hot on the internet. The audience are stunned to see her sexy glamour. But some started trolling her. However, Radhika quoted that they doesn’t matter to her. ‘I didn’t know about the negative things people have been saying about me until someone told me. Do you guys want me to wear a saree at beach or what? I don’t care about the comments made by people i don’t even know.’ said Radhika about trollers.

Recently she did an innocent village girl character in Akshay Kumar starrer PadMan movie. She gave her best in that role. However, the netizens got overwhelmed to see that Radhika in a bikini. Whatever the case is, Radhika looks extremely beautiful. Isn’t she?