Raghava Lawrence turns Real Hero for Farmers


Raghava-LawrenceChoreographer-turned-Director Raghava Lawrence has shown his humanitarian side yet again. We have seen him risk his life for the traditional bull-taming sport Jallikattu. He even donated Rs 1 crore for Students Welfare after taking part in the state-wide protest.

Lawrence has taken one more big step now. ‘Recently, Family Members of a farmer who committed suicide approached Me & explained their dire state. I offer them Rs 3 lakh immediately. But, This isn’t a permanent solution. So, 271 Farmers have committed suicide in Tamil Nadu and their family were on streets now. I had already appealed State Government to do what it can for them. I don’t know politics! I wish to do whatever I can for these families. For that, I am planning few programs in foreign countries to raise the funds. The goal is to donate Rs 3 lakh each for all of these 271 Families. Few Actors & Producers have been cooperating with me for this noble cause,’ says the Filmmaker.

The latest move of Lawrence might certainly give some hope to the kin of farmers who committed suicide. Hopefully, Tollywood Stars take inspiration from this touching gesture.