Rai Lakshmi takes offense about age!


Rai-Lakshmi-takes-offense‘Ratthalu’ girl, Rai Lakshmi is in the industry since her debut in Kanchanamala Cable TV, with Srikanth still she is best known for her item sings and special guest appearances rather than as a serious actress. She does have many fans among the youth and she is a commendable beauty in comparison with many top heroines, still she failed in getting big chances.

Recently, people started talking about her age and many thought this Kannada beauty could easily be above 30 and the actress took an offense to it. Apparently, in one interview, a journalist asked about her love life and wondered  that even after reaching 30, how she is able to maintain such a hot figure. To this, comment she took offense saying she is just 26 and not that aged as people believe her to be.

She also said there is a lot of time for her marriage and she will choose the one when the time is right! Well, there is a popular saying, “Don’t ask women about age and men about money.” Well, on this occasion the reaction of the actress does make one feel the above saying holds true, doesn’t it?