It’s Raid On Illy Baby Career!


It seems Bollywood got bored of present generation stories. They are focusing more on biopics and period movies these days. They are showing more interest in realistic films based on the incidents happened in 80s.. 90s. Recently released Bollywood film ‘Raid’ starring Ajay Devgn follows similar story pattern. The movie story starts off with the incidents happened in 80s.. and it links to the present incidents based on Income Tax raids. The movie received good ratings.

Goa beauty Ileana is the heroine of this film. Ileana enjoyed star status in South but she couldn’t achieve it in Bollywood. Though she acted in Bollywood hit films, they didn’t benefit her. She has pinned all his hopes on Ajay Devgn film that she would become a crazy heroine in Bollywood. But ‘Raid’ appears to have smashed her dreams. Even though Ileana is a heroine, her character has no importance. It is far worse than the character of Telugu commercial movie heroine.

Rather than appearing in songs.. romancing with the hero.. dancing around the bushes, she has nothing much to do with her character in the film. The only respite she has with the film is.. the songs are melodious. What would Illy achieve with this kind of roles?