Raj Tarun’s Friends Molested Hebah Patel


Don’t get a shocker by the heading, as that’s not real. But this is what ‘Sukumar Writings’ is saying to everyone, thereby creating a sensation on YouTube. Let’s get into the details.

Inside the film “Kumari 21F”, a gang of friends of hero (played by Raj Tarun) actually sedate the movie’s heroine (Hebah Patel) and then molest her (of course raped her). When scenes from this film are being uploaded officially, one doesn’t expect this molestation scene to surface. Even this scene surfaced, many expect headings like: “Hero’s realisation scene from Kumari 21F”. But cutting this scene out, Sukumar’s own production house “Sukumar Writings” has uploaded it with the title “Raj Tarun Freinds Molest Hebah Patel after Sedating her”.

As you could read between the lines, it could be understand that the mere thought process behind such creation is only to ‘sensationalise’ the content. Some other headings for clips include “Raj Tarun Tries To Force Hebah”, “Raj Tarun Goes To His New Girl Friend”, “Kumari Goes Topless For Raj”. These are only a few titbits to tell what’s being done on the YouTube channel.

With a talented and star director like Sukumar owning the YouTube channel as well, one wonders why such a content is being uploaded to create a sensation. This banner doesn’t need such, does it?raj-tarun-s-friends-molested-hebah-patel