Raj Tharun has a dangerous disease!


Raj-TharunHave you ever heard about Kleptomania? People who suffer with this disease, are those who unknowingly steal things. For example, imagine you’re talking with your friend while outside your house sitting on the bike. If your friend unknowingly steals the keys and keep changing with you normally. Then the person should be suffering from the dangerous disease.

Well, Raj Tharun as the same too. Not in real life, but in his next film after Andhhagadu, he suffers with this rare disease and the movie is titled, Raju Gadu, veedu Ema Danger. The actor is on a role choosing different and typical characters.

In his earlier film, Kittu Gadu Unnadu Jagratta, he played a dog theif, in the next movie, Andhhagadu, he is playing a blind man who attains vision during the course of the story. The movie starring Hebah Patel is due to release this Friday. Now, a Kleptomaniac, if you remember comedian Ali had the same disease in SV Krishna Reddy film, Top hero but watching a full length lead character with such disease, does seem exciting. Like most of his films, this film too is being produced by AK Entertainments!