Rajamouli, Better Think Twice Before You Tweet


Rajamouli-New‘Obligation’, this one word has ruined the reputation of many bigwigs in film industry. Often, celebs reluctantly do certain things out of obligation and end up on the losing side. Ace director Rajamouli’s fans are worried that the ‘Baahubali’ creator is now treading this dangerous path.

Rajamouli’s association with Sai Korrapati of Vaarahi banner is nothing new to Telugu film industry folks and movie buffs. In fact, Vaarahi’s fist production venture, ‘Eega’ was a Rajamouli directorial. Ever since, the top director, who is now a national celebrity, has been promoting the production ventures of Korrapati, out of courtesy or friendship or may be obligation.

Having a cumulative follower count of close to 8.5 million (on FB and Twitter) and arguably being the biggest director of India who has never made a flop in his career, people believe in Rajamouli’s judgement. If he praises a film by attending promotional events or even through his tweets, at least some of his followers go to theatres to watch it irrespective of how unpopular the cast and crew is.

Recently, Rajamouli praised Jagapathi Babu’s new release, ‘Patel Sir’, a Sai Korrapati production venture, on twitter. Understandably, many of his followers watched the film and later they took to social media to request him not to use his stardom and credibility for promoting bad films just out of compulsion. Rajamouli may consider it as just a tweet to say something good about a film but it is a sort of review, a confidence for his followers to watch the film.

In the end, fans request Rajamouli to use his popularity to promote good cinema but not whatever the film made by his friends and associates.