Rajamouli called me the best


DJ-Sri-VasanthThe music directors gain reputation irrespective of the movie success. Though the film became a disaster if the songs are good the audio will achieve a good response. We have already seen a few example movies whose audio became a hit but failed to collect well at box office. If the albums get clicked, the music director will get offers for other films. But sometimes due to misfortune, despite giving a good audio, the music director won’t get offers. The same happened with DJ Sri Vasanth.

After his success with Sudigadu movie, he thought big opportunities would knock his door. However, only small movie offers came his way. The music director struggled so hard to establish his career and gain a reputation as a good musician. He dreamed of listing his songs in top 10 which came true with Vaisakham movie. Sri Vasanth is stating that he got a good response for his tunes in Jagapathi Babu starrer Patel SIR movie and Avva Buchi song clicked so well.

He claimed that he felt extremely happy when the big director like S.SRajamouli appreciated that it was the best song. Vasanth wishes to compose good melody songs being the grandson of music director Tallapalli Satya. Currently, Vasanth has two projects in his hand and a Kannada movie.