Rajamouli Forgot Sudeep?


Rajamouli-Forgot-SudeepEver since Kichcha Sudeep did a short and impressive cameo in Baahubali : The Beginning as Aslam Khan, it has been rumoured, speculated that the actor would have good part to play in the story in the second part of the movie. But in complete contrast, neither there is Aslam Khan (Sudeep) nor any reference to his role leaving many wondering that why did Rajamouli had introduced this character with a notable star.

It may also be recalled that Aslam Khan had promised Kattappa to seek his help and use his services whenever he is in need, but the character leaving abruptly without rounding it off is being pointed out. Has Rajamouli forgotten Sudeep’s role? Or has he consciously avoiding casting him in the part 2?

As critics panning the climax as weak and stretched out, many opine that it would had been better had Mahendra Baahubali aka Shivudu seek the help of Aslam Khan through Kattappa in battle against Bhallaladeva. As rookie Mahendra taking on Bhallaladeva without a proper strategy appears to be amateurish to a section, many wished Mahendra Baahubali to get Aslam Khan support.

Since the film already has close-to three hours time (170.51 minutes), probably, Rajamouli thought of skipping Sudeep’s role and went ahead with Mahendra versus Bhallaladeva war. However, this hasn’t gone well with Sudeep’s fans who are accusing Rajamouli of disappointing them.