Why is Rajamouli Going To Rangastalam Sets?


Director Sukumar is currently very busy with his upcoming movie Rangastalam starring Ram Charan. The shooting of this movie has already completed and the post-production works are currently going on. The team has already started the promotional works as well. The teaser itself has revealed that Rangastalam is the name of the village and now director Rajamouli has recently visited Rangastalam.

Tagged along with his assistants, Rajamouli has been roaming in that village. Even director Sukumar also accompanied him. This is not the first time for Rajamouli going to Rangasthalam because he has already gone there with Megastar Chiranjeevi in the past. He also admired the detailing of it. Rajamouli appreciated Sukumar’s hard work for recreating 30 years back memories. Now, this Baahubali director is visiting the rangasthalam sets once again.

But why is Rajamouli going to Rangastalam so many times has become a hot topic in the industry? Some are speculating that he is going to use them for the flashback scenes in his upcoming movie which is why he has been going to Rangastalam so many times. However, only Rajamouli can say the truth.