Rajamouli Green Signal to Okka Adugu


prabhas rajamouliPrabhas who was quite busy with preparations for ‘Bahubali’ is heard to have got the special permission from Rajamouli to work on other project in parallel. As the time, hard work and pain needed for ‘Bahubali’ can eat up the golden phase of career period in prabhas career. He immediately needs a one more hit film to keep the ‘Mrichi’ magic going on. If at all, prabhas depends only on ‘Bahubali,’ then that could be the end of 2014 or 2015.

So, Rajamouli has willfully accepted the demand of Rebel Star Fans and waved green flag. If this is really true, prabhas shall get the much needed time in between schedules of ‘Bahubali’ and Krishnam Raju’s ‘Okka Adugu’ should have one step forward to get into pre-production works. Anyways, this is early anticipations. So, let us wait for the final announcement from either of the parties.