Rajamouli in sad phase!


Rajamouli-in-sad-phaseThe top director of Tollywood industry Rajamouli is one of the ace directors of Film industry with out any failure so far in their carrier. Now recently it was heard that Rajamouli is bit sad with loosing one important hand on his sets. Rajamouli is having very good crew and he will not like to loose at least one of them from his team. But when time comes every one will try to spread their wings and grow in their carrier. Recently one of the assistant directors of Rajamouli left him to become director himself.

Jagadesh Talisala is one of the assistant directors of Rajamouli and he is liked a lot for his work by Rajamouli. Jagadesh turned in to full time director and his recent film “Lachimdeviki Ooo Lekundhi”. Rajamouli appeared as special guest at this film audio launch and mentioned that he is feeling sad that Jagadesh left his crew but happy that he is growing. Rajamoul mentioned that Jagadesh is very helpful on Magadhera sets with his organising every thing ready for the shoot. Rajamouli mentioned that he missed him during Bahubali shooting and worried how he can complete this film with out helpful hand of Jagadesh.