Rajamouli issues clarification on Satyaraj comments!


Rajamouli-issues-clarificationSS Rajamouli and producers of Bahubali2 are a worried lot these days. They wanted to release the film on a particular date and for that they planned for days together and finally cleared everything before schedule. They have even posted images declaring their happiness in completing the movie on time. Well, now the Karnataka Rakshana Vedike and Kannada Ookata declared bandh on 28th of April and ban on Bahubali2 release in Karnataka.

Actually, the team of Bahubali2 planned a press meet in Bengaluru about the release of the movie and everything has been set for a big release. While the actors are about to start they got the news of bandhs and cancelled the press meet. SS Rajamouli took to social media and talked to his Kannada fans in Kannada, asking them to stop the protests against Bahubali2 for the comments made by an cast member. He requested that Bahubali2 team had worked hard for years to see the day and pleaded the protestors to think before they ban the movie.

He said, “Satyaraj is just a supporting actor for the movie and his comments are in no way connected to Bahubali and the team. It is his personal opinion that was expressed nine years ago and he is not a producer or director of the movie. In nine years, many of his films even Bahubali1 has released so please think before making this a bigger issue and I can only request you that please let the movie release and enjoy it. For personal comments on the actor’s part, I spoke to him and it is up to him what he will do regarding those comments. I request again to all my Kannada friends please do not make it even bigger issue and it is just a movie, that in nowhere concerns with the sensitive issue in hand.”