Rajamouli mark appreciation for Arjun Reddy!


Rajamouli-Arjun-Reddy-MovieSS. Rajamouli, Baahubali maker is known for appreciating young talent with an open mind in Telugu Film Industry. He did appreciate and ensure a dejected Sukumar after Jagadam and Arya-2 that he will be among the Top directors and even discussed with him about the subjects and scenes.

He has been appreciating the films released by one production house mostly, but whenever he gets times, he has been tweeting about the movies he liked. As the Telugu states are known under the storm of Arjun Reddy, the director also, added his words of appreciation to the millions.

He said what he wanted to in a series of tweets like this,

“Just saw Arjun Reddy. Though love stories are not my cup of tea, can’t but appreciate the film. Top notch performance by Vijay Devarakonda.

He just lived it. Not just him, Shalini, the friends, everyone were so good and natural. Very good background score and fine photography.

Very well writren dialogues. Full credit to the Director Sandeep Vanga, who handled his cast and crew like a pro.

Heartiest congratulations to the team for the blockbuster success..:)”

Well, Vijay Devarakonda seems to have attracted the attention of the whole Industry and also many young film viewers with his one film, Arjun Reddy! Rajamouli-mark-appreciation-for-Arjun-Reddy--1504005474-1165