Rajamouli plans to Open a VFX company?


rajamouli-vfx-companyRajamouli, the No.1 director of Tollywood film industry, is trying out a new flick “Baahubali”, which is expected to create sensation in Tollywood. As per the details of this project, this venture is considered to be the top in India with respect to VFX part.

If we consider the previous flicks of Rajamouli, we can say that VFX played a vital role. Right from the film “Magadheera”, Rajamouli eyed on using VFX to the maximum extent. Even in a family drama, “Maryada Ramanna”, Rajamouli used high quotient VFX sequences.

Now for “Bahubali”, Rajamouli allotted majority of the budget for the VFX part. This is hinting a clue that Rajamouli may soon establish a company which works exclusively on VFX part.After working extensively on VFX, Rajamouli can be termed as a master in that field. Even if Rajamouli gives his films contract to his company, we will get few Crores of turnover every year.