Rajamouli Praises PSPK Musical Surprise


Rajamouli-Praises-PSPK-MusiYesterday was a big celebration day for Power Star Pawan Kalyan fans because of his birthday.  PSPK25 team came up with few updates to thrill the fans who were eagerly waiting for them.  Pawan film producers Harika Hassine Creations have released a video ‘#PSPK25 Musical Surprise’ yesterday which has impressed the audience big time.

Anirudh is seen singing the song ‘Bayataki Vachi Chooste’ and Trivikram attentively listening to it while enjoying the melody in the 1-minute music teaser.  At the end of the video, Pawan appears spinning the chair and standing beside it in his typical style.   Responding on the musical surprising SS Rajamouli tweeted that “Wow.. What an impact with a simple melody and a single shot of Powerstar..Trivikram style… #PSPK25”.

Pawan fans are thrilled with Rajamouli appreciation and several fans thanked him in the social media.  On the other hand, the makers have revealed that they are releasing the movie on January 10, 2018.