Rajamouli & RGV response on Srimanthudu


Srimanthudu-Hyderabad-TheatAce director SS Rajamouli congratulated Sriamnthudu team. The director took to twitter to convey his wishes.

”Show time srimanthudu…great reports from all over..congratulations to the whole team…” Rajamouli tweeted

Another director Ram Gopal varma also seems to be changed his opinion on the film. The actor who earlier posted mixed tweets on the film now understood the craze of Mahesh and his films.

RGV felt that a mere close up shot of Mahesh can do wonders.

Below are tweets from RGV

”So soon after extravaganza of Bahubali,Srimanthudu simplicity told with heart also can create thundering impact is a greater achievement”

”Cinematographer Vittorio storaro said there’s no greater visual than a charming actor performing in a close up and Mahesh is proof of that”

”Srimanthudu proved impact doesn’t only come frm 100’s of crores n 100s of days shooting..a simple story nd plain closeups of Mahesh can too”

”What’s amazing about cinema is that a right actor’s close up like Mahesh can create a greater impact than a great CG generated visual”

Srimanthudu is an age old story but director Koratala believes in his strength of dialogues and storytelling.