Rajamouli and RGV – an ‘Ugly’ discussion!


Rajamouli-and-RGVRam Gopal Verma is known for taking sarcastic digs at popular actors, directors and others as well. He has a special love for Rajamouli since Magadheera and Bahubali seems to have propelled it further.

Already, in a battle of wits with Mega family, mainly Pawan Kalyan, the director got trolled to no end and he did not stop until recently, after he suddenly said, “I will stop taking personal digs at others and I am a changed man now”. No one believed him and he continued to tweet about the issues he thought needed his attention.

Today, he shared a picture of his and Bahubali maker, Rajamouli sitting besides each other with a tag Ugly and Beauty. He followed it with another tweet saying,

“The ugly is the beastly me and @ssrajamouli is looking more sexier than the beautiful #baahubali2 https://t.co/5KUYgepcMu”

To this Rajamouli replied;

“Ayya Nannu oggeyyandayya”

Well, RGV is having more fun and he responded saying;

“@ssrajamouli sir overwrought modesty is more beautifully uglier than arrogant pride in its clothed and dishonest nakedness https://t.co/YBI5eX6sTQ”

Well, the maker thought he gave a clever reply but Rajamouli trolled him by saying;

“In your fondness for compicated tweets, You just contradicted yourself…..”

This is how, RGV responded trying to salvage the situation;

“@ssrajamouli Sir contradictions are a way of simplifying complexities .I am booking tickets of BB2 to watch 4 shows continuously on 1st day https://t.co/rKraFqo1dK”

Well, Ram Gopal Verma uses Twitter to generate fun or to pass his free time, we can’t pin point but does seem to come out with good level of sarcasm for famous issues every time!