Rajamouli shaken by a letter


Rajamouli-shaken-by-a-letteWhile the entire country is spellbound by Tollywood’s master perfectionist filmmaker SS Rajamouli’s unbelievable talent, Jakkanna is ‘shaken’ by a letter he received from the highly revered National Award winning Tamil lyricist and Padma Bhushan ‘Kavinger’ Vairamuthu. The legendary lyricist has written a letter of appreciation to Rajamouli, which bowled Jakkanna completely.

In his letter, Vairamuthu, who is still amazed by Baahubali’s experience, compared Rajamouli to a poet, painter and an artiste for his sheer brilliance. The legend stated that Rajamouli’s name will be echoed on a global level and that India can proudly claim Rajamouli’s name as a competitor to world cinema.

To this, a highly emotional Rajamouli posted the letter and expressed his sincere feelings on his Twitter page. Jakkanna said, “I have had a lot of appreciation for baahubali. But this, from kavinger vairamuthu sir has shaken me. I don’t have the courage to accept it.I can only take it as a blessing from the legend. A blessing from a gr8 teacher to a student.”1439284311-169