Rajamouli speaks about his Favourite Actor


Rajamouli-Favourite-ActorIn the interactive session named as ‘The Meeting Ground’ with Bollywood filmmaker Karan Johar, SS Rajamouli shared what matters to him the most – whether its a top star or a star who fits into his story?

If there is one movie star with whom you would love to work, Who is he?: “It’s always a story which compels me to approach a star. All the top heroes have certain qualities, so I should have a story which will be helpful for them and my story. The story will be drive me to cast someone and I don’t have a personal favourite. Like, If I see ‘Company’, I wish to make a film with Ajay Devagan. While watching ‘Dabangg’, I would love to direct Salman Khan. If I see ‘Lagaan’, Then I want to make a film with Aamir Khan. If you ask which star I would like to work with, Then I will say the one who fits into my story perfectly”.

Rajamouli said everyone was relieved the moment he said ‘pack-up’ on the last day of ‘Baahubali’ shoot but they got emotional while promoting the movie. He reveals another 120 days shoot is still pending to wrap up the Second Part.